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Speaker Program Research Case Study

Situation: The client runs thousands of promotional education programs across multiple therapeutic categories and wants to get the most value out of the data they are collecting. TL Health conducts speaker program research.


  • Discovered 65% of attendees were not relevant to the program material resulting in company-wide policy change in how attendees were invited and allowed into meetings
  • Created algorithm when to retire a program, saving millions in speaker programs costs
  • ROE identified that 20% of speakers were not able to effectively deliver the program material, resulting in improvements made to the speaker training process
  • Learned 15% of the sales representatives were not using the programs effectively, which lead to re-evaluation of sales rep procedures

Awareness, Trial and Utilization Study Case Study

Situation: An emerging oncology company launches its first product into the US market.  They want to understand the market and how its product is positioned within it.  Where are the opportunities? TL Health conducts an Awareness, Trial, Utilization study. 


Key takeaways for the client included:

  • Client can clearly understand the dynamics in place between the decision makers and key influencers for better allocation of the sales force
  • Executive Summary outlines five initiatives that can increase patient utilization by 50%
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats are clearly mapped out and become part of the sales force training program
  • Topline report is presented at National Sales Meeting and is updated on a yearly basis

New Product Launch - Concept Testing Case Study

Situation: Client is developing a new medical device for the treatment of osteoarthritis and needs to understand the current treatment options to determine potential opportunities and barriers for their product, once approved. TL Health conducts a new product launch qualitative research study.


  • Identified a huge unmet need with estimated five-year sales of over half a billion dollars
  • Physicians were impressed by the product profile and excited about the new potential candidate to help patients with osteoarthritis pain
  • Client is moving forward with go-to-market strategy

Simulation/Segmentation Study Case Study

Situation: Top five pharmaceutical’s mega brand will lose its patent in the next five years.  They have initiated a non-personal promotion program, but are not sure if the program is being optimized to the fullest. TL Health conducts a simulation/segmentation study.


The marketing team is given clear guidance on:

  • Grew hospital sales by 25% in one year, 35% in years two and three
  • Able to maintain sales in 75% of hospitals post generic approval for three years
  • Each year client expanded hospital business with TL Health until company sold the drug to another company

Menu-Based Conjoint Study Case Study

Situation: An emerging oncology company is experiencing tremendous growth with its only product on the market.  It wants to build its clinical trial footprint, but has a limited budget. TL Health develops a menu-based, conjoint study.


The clinical and marketing teams were able to:

  • Identify best case scenarios regarding future trends within the market
  • Better gauge potential competitive threats
  • Optimize a clinical trial with the highest intent to use
  • Eliminate costly trial alternatives that would have not delivered substantial return, if successful


Benchmarking Study Case Study

Situation: The client promotes a multi-billion drug within the oncology and urology markets and wants to understand where their speaker programs stack-up versus the competition. TL Health conducts a benchmarking study.


Marketing Sciences team was able to:

  • Conduct a complete overhaul of the speaker program process from inviting HCPs to sales rep follow-up post program
  • Update program data and customize program topics based on specific audiences’ needs
  • Understand how their programs compare to top competitors across a number of key performance indicators
  • Identify their programs’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Uncover the current treatment habits within their market

New Product Launch Case Study

Situation: The client is developing a new product in the dental space. They want to identify which potential market offers the greatest opportunity and design a clinical trial that is most impactful to their customer base. TL Health conducts a new product launch qualitative research study.


Upper management was able to:

  • Uncover a new market worth 10 times their current strategy
  • Develop a list of product attributes most important to their customers
  • Understand the current competitive landscape within each of the potential markets they were considering entering
  • Learn the current treatment protocols in the dental space
  • Discover the current promotional dynamics within the market

Market Evaluation Case Study

Situation: The client is considering launching a new technology and wants to know the current treatment conventions and preferences within the oncology market. TL Health conducts a market evaluation research study.


Upper management was able to:

  • Determine the difference between good and best in terms of treatment outcome
  • Understand the current treatment practices, barriers and opportunities for a new market entrant
  • Identify current treatment protocols and the decision-making process for treatment selection

Non-Personal Promotion Program Case Study

Situation: Company with a small field force wants to expand its reach for a new product launch, but is facing significant cost constraints to fund the expansion with sales representatives. TL Health initiates a non-personal promotion program to cover the whitespace.


  • Out performed field force in terms of ROI
  • Twice as many scripts produced per TLH rep compared to field rep
  • 52% ROI
  • Three months post launch client doubled size of both the direct mail and web budget

Non-Personal Promotion and Pharmacy Stocking Case Study

Situation: An emerging dermatology company licenses two older brands for promotion.  They struggle with sales and are too short staffed to market and sell the product effectively.  Sales reps in the field are not motivated and are not selling the drug.  Pharmacy stocking is a big issue as there is little prescription activity. TL Health builds non-personal promotion and pharmacy stocking programs.


  • Physicians start writing the product
  • Wholesalers stock product
  • Product is stocked at key pharmacies
  • Client sees an immediate return on their investment with a 12:1 ROI


Non-Personal Promotion Program Case Study

Situation: Largest drug in class within a specialty market, over $1bn in sales and 85% market share, goes off patent and generic competition threatens to steal business from those still patented products. The sales team is pulled. TL Health develops a non-personal program.


  • Pilot program returned a 12% ROI in the first six months
  • One year results “blew forecasts out of the water!”
  • Four years post patent expiration program is still earning a positive 8:1 ROI
  • 24% slower decline rate compared to control group
  • Produced $ 1,439,832 increase in sales over a 12 month period
  • Increased or maintained market share in 6 of the 12 measured deciles

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