May 21, 2019

5 Advantages to Dashboards


Tyler Cusmina

Senior Market Research Manager, TL Health

  1. Comprehensive: One of the greatest advantages of dashboards is that it can house data from multiple sources all in one spot. This makes your life so much easier as it saves you the time and energy of having to look through multiple reports every time you want to answer a business question. The dashboard can also be used to hold brand goals so you know the brand goals you are trying to reach and how close you are to meeting or exceeding those targets.
  2. Interactive: Dashboards are very interactive. You can manipulate the data using filters and slicers to create countless cuts of the data.  This allows you to test new hypothesis, add or delete variables and quickly create slides that can be incorporated into a PowerPoint presentation. You can drill down by geography, specialty, managed care status and other factors you determine are relevant to the success of the business. All giving you deep insights into your data.
  3. Visually Pleasing: Visualization helps to take all your data and easily show how different factors are impacting the business thus, helping to tell a succinct story. Dashboards incorporate other graphics like mapping, odometers, waterfall charts, sun dials and block charts to help show relationships and drivers that may not be as clearly seen with a bar or line chart. In addition, the dynamic ability of dashboards allows for countless charts and graphs to be created with a few clicks of the mouse.
  4. Easy to Use: Our dashboards are created in EXCEL, still the number one software for analytics, so there is no special software to buy, it is completely compatible with all your Microsoft software and it is a product we all have some familiarity with. Because it is so easy to use, your market research will live on it. Data updates are easy to do too. Simply cut and paste the data into the data warehouse and you are ready to start analyzing the updates. It’s not just a presentation that sits in a folder somewhere collecting dust. It is a living, breathing treasure trove of knowledge.
  5. Faster: Dashboards sit on your desktop so as business questions arise, you and your team have the answers at your fingertips within seconds. This saves you the massive amount of time it would take you to sift through reports and PowerPoint slides all to find the answer to one business question. Not to mention it is easy to take the dashboards on the go with you via your mobile device, laptop or tablet, so you have instant access at any time.

Tyler Cusmina

Tyler has seven years of pharmaceutical experience working in Market Research and Pharmaceutical Sales. Tyler holds a BA in Marketing from the Temple University Fox School of Business and a Certificate of Proficiency in Quantitative Analysis Field Of Study Data Analysis from the Burke Institute.

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