agile dashboards

Agile dashboards combining data from multiple sources offer a comprehensive picture of your brand's health

Live reports

Instantaneous results allow you to be adaptive and responsive to your market so you can stay ahead of the competition

data visualization

Succinct, simple visualizations of the data provide you a clear understanding of the business situation

One-page Summary reports

Delivering the key takeaways and recommendations from a study in a concise manner so you don't have to sift through pages of research

“The insights gleamed from the analytics TL Health provided to us has helped our team make better business decisions and respond more quickly to our continually changing market.”

director of market research


Endorsed by some of the industry’s top experts


2018 TGaS Award Nominee for Best Market Research Vendor Partner

Extensive experience

Over 75 years of experience across multiple categories with more than 30,000 surveys collected to date

case study

Top five pharmaceutical’s mega brand will lose its patent in the next five years. They have initiated a non-personal promotion program, but are not sure if the program is being optimized to the fullest.

Menu-Based Conjoint
case study

An emerging oncology company is experiencing tremendous growth with its only product on the market. It wants to build its clinical trial footprint, but has limited budget.

Awareness, Trial and Utilization
case study

An emerging oncology company launches its first product into the US market. They want to understand the market and how its product is positioned within it. Where are the opportunities?

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