business insights

serving numerous research needs

From fast and flexible pulse studies to long-term tracking studies, we got you covered

data captured across multiple mediums

Utilizing cellphones, tablets, laptops and computers to increase your reach and frequency

insights provided the way you want them

Delivering live reports, dashboards, one-page summaries, detailed presentations and databases how and when you want it

pulse studies

Stay on top of changes as they are happening within your industry

user/Customer experience

Learn how well you are fulfilling the needs and wants of your customers

Awareness, trial, utilization

Track your product from launch to maturity to understand what is driving utilization

Social media research

Monitor what is being said about your product directly from your customers across the web

patient journey

Follow your customer throughout the lifecycle to gain deeper insights

concept testing

Create the brand essence for your product, which will fortify your place in the market

market evaluation

Discover the current practices and opportunities within your market

New Product Research

Conduct exploratory research that will lead to your brand’s strategic blueprint

Positioning Research

Build the space you will own in the mind of your customer to differentiate yourself

Benchmark research

Compare yourself against industry norms and competitors to achieve best in class

Key Opinion Leader Research

Uncover what key thought leaders have to say about your brand and market

segmentation research

Develop distinct customer groups for better promotional targeting

“The insights provided by TL Health helped my team gain the knowledge needed to make educated business decisions that grew our brand and ensured a successful launch of our product.”

president, business operations and analytics


Endorsed by some of the industry’s top experts


Nominated for the 2018 TGaS Best Market Research Vendor Partner Award


Over 75 years of experience across multiple product categories

New product launch - concept testing
case study

Client is developing a new medical deceive for osteoarthritis and needs to understand the current treatment options to determine potential opportunities and barriers for their product, once approved.

new product launch
case study

The client is developing a new product in the dental space. They want to identify which potential market  offers the greatest opportunity for their product and design a clinical trial that is most impactful to their customer base.

market evaluation
case study

The client is considering launching a new technology and wants to know the current treatment conventions and preferences within the oncology market. TL Health conducts a market evaluation research study.

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