speaker program research

serving all program types

Offering solutions for live, virtual and on-demand speaker programs

data captured across multiple mediums

Utilizing cellphones, tablets, laptops and computers to increase your reach and frequency

insights provided the way you want them

Delivering live reports, dashboards, one-page summaries, detailed presentations and databases how and when you want it

hcp needs assessment

Speak directly to HCPs to build programs your customers value and need

post program evaluations

Gather top of mind insights to confirm you are meeting attendees’ educational needs

Pulse studies

Collect key, actionable insights from your customers fast

Industry exchange

Survey your peers to understand their approach to speaker programs

speaker needs assessment

Assess performance and future improvements from those presenting the content

return on education

Measure the educational impact of your programs to ensure better patient outcomes

Benchmark research

Learn how you stack up competitively and stay compliant with industry norms

in-program polling

Increase audience engagement and reinforce key messages during the program

“TL Health has helped us build better speaker programs by conducting speaker program research that gave us greater insights into the needs of our customers and ensuring our programs are compliant.”  

Thomas S.
Director of Marketing Sciences – Oncology


Endorsed by some of the industry’s top experts on speaker bureau management and execution


2018 TGaS Award Nominee for Best Market Research Vendor Partner

Extensive experience

Over 75 years of pharmaceutical experience across multiple categories with more than 30,000 surveys collected to date

The speaker program planning
cycle webinar

This webinar addresses the challenge of creating needs-based programs, while also delivering a better customer experience

Responding to the OIG's Special Fraud alert

We identify some of the areas highlighted in the 2020 OIG Special Fraud alert and our suggestions on how you can remain compliant.

Post Program Evaluations
Case Study

TL Health conducts newly designed post program evaluation research to help the client get the most value out of their speaker programs.

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