March 2, 2022

[Live Webinar] The Speaker Program Planning Cycle: Creating a Better Customer Experience in an Evolving Landscape


From our research, speaker programs have consistently been ranked by both HCPs and industry personnel as one of, if not the most, valuable marketing tool in terms of providing HCPs with product/disease education.

However, although these programs have proven to be a valuable tool, the evolving speaker program landscape has presented many new challenges including: live vs virtual programs, increased regulatory scrutiny, and creating programs your customers want.

In our latest webinar, we discuss how the Speaker Program Planning Cycle can be used to address some of these new challenges and demonstrate the need for speaker programs in an ever-changing environment.


  • Creating a better Customer Experience
  • Increasing engagement and retention
  • Demonstrating the educational value of the program
  • Finding a balance between promotion and compliance
  • Establishing a needs based educational program