January 19, 2021

User vs. Customer Experience Research

User vs. Customer Experience Social Media Posts 1.12.21

Tyler Cusmina

Senior Market Research Manager, TL Health

User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX) research are two popular forms of research that allow you to understand if you are fulfilling the wants and needs of your customers. Although both are important, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the two types of research. In our infographic below, we help clarify what separates the two and how to measure each.

As you can see from the above infographic, even though both UX and CX are related, there are clear differences between the two types of research. However, both are necessary to develop a better understanding of your customer.


Tyler Cusmina

Tyler has seven years of pharmaceutical experience working in Market Research and Pharmaceutical Sales. Tyler holds a BA in Marketing from the Temple University Fox School of Business and a Certificate of Proficiency in Quantitative Analysis Field Of Study Data Analysis from the Burke Institute.

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